Solutions designed for Home Services companies

Streamline your home service operations

Get the right skilled technician to the right job with the right part – on the first visit!

Build loyal home service customers

Drive customer acquisition, retention
and growth

Enhance your team’s productivity

Improve your workforce with technology designed to optimize delivery processes

Home service solutions

At Gogh Solutions, we create home service solutions designed to nurture the strong customer relationship we know underpin the success of your home service business. Home service technicians in the field develop a close relationship with customers, and our home service solutions combine software and implementation to facilitate easier access to customer information, streamlined communication between the back office, technician, and customer, customer-enabled web portals for self-serve appointment bookings, and more.

Implementing industry leading field service management solutions is Gogh Solutions’ core expertise. Our fully certified, professional implementation team also offers the added benefit of operations experience in field services and deep understanding of the specific needs of the home service industry. Our home service solutions ensure a clear understanding of your requirements from the get-go and drive a clear advantage when it comes to matching the technical solution to your specific business problem.

We offer expertise in numerous areas of the home service industry, including:

Heating and cooling (HVAC)

Security and fire



Pest control

Automation and technology

Facility management

Gas supply

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