The Path to Operational Excellence: Could Your Organization Benefit From an Operations Review?

There’s a whole host of triggers which can push executives to seek an operations review to improve their business results.  At Gogh Solutions, we often work with companies who have invested heavily in software applications to help them conduct their day-to-day field service operations more efficiently, and who find that just a few years after their initial deployment, the benefits of their solution appear to dwindle.  They notice that performance metrics start to dip, productivity declines, growth plateaus and potential efficiency gains are being missed.  In short, they do not see the ROI they expected.

Some of the most common issues affecting benefit realization include:

  • an underutilized software tool
  • increased manual interventions in the system to bypass business rules
  • poor alignment of business processes with the selected technology
  • using the wrong KPIs to measure and monitor their performance which may drive the wrong behaviour
  • changes in business priorities over time which are not reflected in software business rules

An impartial and holistic operations review of an organization’s tools and processes can get to the root cause of the issues and help companies identify, prioritize and solve core problems to get their business moving forward again.

Where Do We Start?

Understanding the strategic business objectives of the organization along with the problems they’re currently experiencing is the first critical step of an operational review and typically involves meeting with the executive team to ensure clear alignment across the organization.  Our review process takes an end-to-end approach and includes strategic business reviews with the C suite, interviews with key field service managers, and ride-alongs with field technicians to understand the nuances of the business at every level and to pinpoint the underlying issues.

The operations review is conducted with an open and collaborative approach, working closely with the business analysts in the organization to gather operational data.  The output of the review process is a list of strategic and tactical recommendations to drive improvements.  These can include:

  • determining the right business rules for the business
  • stricter adherence to process
  • defining the right productivity metrics
  • system optimization tuning to closer align the tools with the business needs
  • training to improve user adoption and minimize manual interventions.

An operations review is not just for companies who have already have an FSM system in place, it can be beneficial to organizations who are considering making an investment in technology to transform their business, but don’t know where to start.

What are some of the expected benefits from an operations review?

  • Helps focus business process improvement efforts in the right areas
  • Maintains, and in many cases, improves the return on your previous FSM technology investments
  • Provides facts and insights needed to build a solid business case for investing in a new FSM solution
  • Helps shape the definition of business requirements which are essential when selecting the right software vendor

Discover how an operations review can move your business forward faster, contact us today.