The Future of Field Service and the Future of Gogh: What’s Important

As an organization it’s our business to be your partner, not just a provider, for those involved in the field service industry. By keeping an eye on the future for our clients we know we’ll be better able to guide them through what comes and position them firmly on a path towards achieving their full potential.

Some of What We’re Seeing in Field Service Management

  1. Service has changed and is continuing to change.

Even before this crisis, organizations such as Amazon, Google, and Uber were changing business for everyone. This is because they’re altering the consumer experience and consumer expectations. The challenge for small and medium field service organizations here is that these are multi-billion dollar businesses who can invest big money into being innovative.

With more limitations on time and money field service management organizations need to be strategic with their thoughts and actions, while still crafting a future for their clients. By that I mean offering more, offering choice, and showing consideration for their customers—in addition to providing exceptional service and delighting clients.

  1. Not as many people are choosing field service and the service industry as a career.

Our partner IFS published an article recently about this issue in detail. College being pushed as the gold standard if you want to succeed in life has been drilled into young people for quite some time. It’s not the case, nor is it even the right choice for everyone.

Having the technology and capabilities the incoming workforce is comfortable with and enjoy using is vital for employee recruitment and retention. There are a lot of strategies for attracting more people to field service, such as more community involvement and offering mentorship programs. Still, technology is and will continue to be the biggest factor.

Along those lines, it’s vitally important as older generations leave the workforce that their knowledge can be captured and brought to younger generations via that technology.

  1. The “experience economy” is having a major impact on roles changing within field service.

 We all trust and prefer certain brands, restaurants, even websites. Where do you get your news or coffee from? Building that trust and offering customers a better experience as field service organization now means something different. Convenience is important, yes, but so are differentiators, or ways a business goes above and beyond to delight their customers.

Technicians no longer arrive, fix the designated issue, and then leave. That role has expanded to customer service and support, sales, and preventative maintenance. No matter how well the physical issue is fixed, the field service management company that can do the job with added conveniences and something that sets them apart or adds value will better secure a long term client relationship.

The Future of Gogh

We engage issues like this every day at Gogh. I think first-hand knowledge of the pressures, commitments, and what’s at stake for field service organizations is hugely important. It serves as a differentiator, particularly for small and medium sized businesses, as well as businesses who are trying to extend their vision and strategy.

However, we can’t exist in a bubble with those challenges. We have to keep learning and growing with every client and industry discussion to help our clients achieve true, long-lasting success.

For the future of Gogh Solutions I want to craft a vision for our partners as part of their solutions. It’s something customers are expecting now, and something we want to help our partners provide. Improving up-time, efficiency, productivity, meeting challenges and customer expectations, enabling and empowering customers and employees, these aren’t abstracts for our team.

We’re experts in field service management that provide choice when it comes to end-to-end solutions. The future of Gogh Solutions is crawling, walking, or running with FSM organizations at their own pace, in their own way, toward their own future and beyond. Let’s talk.