What is IFS Cloud?

What is IFS Cloud?

All IFS Capabilities on One Single Platform

Orchestrate Your Customers, People and Assets with IFS Cloud

With its powerful, flexible, and open platform, IFS Cloud puts user experience first, provides 100% open APIs, is built for high performance, and is embedded with innovations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

With IFS Cloud, customers can answer the single most important question regarding sustainability. How can you truly differentiate yourself as a business today?

So, what will it take? The answer to the question is simple, but hard to achieve: Standing out is about developing the ability to secure customer loyalty and repeat business. The ability to create satisfied customers.

Moment of Service™

Achieve Your Perfect Moment of Service

IFS Cloud will help you rethink your business so you can focus on services and outcomes instead of products. Great service connects you to your customers. You’ll be able to orchestrate your customers, your people, and your assets as you transform your business.

With IFS Cloud, you can simplify digital transformation. We remove product silos that isolate data and slow decision making. Our digital innovation is pre-built and ready to use right out of the box, so you can deploy on the Cloud or on-premise.

IFS and Gogh are committed to delivering value where it matters most to you, whether that’s driving innovation, maximizing your investment, or transforming your organization or all of the above.

Contact us today to learn more about IFS Cloud and how we can help.

Together we can transform field service.