Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Successful Implementations with Gogh Solutions

Successful Technology Implementations

Operational Efficiency Redefined

Today, the global market is shifting from product-based revenue models to services, mainly field services. However, running a company offering field services takes a lot of work. Field service providers face daily challenges, including optimizing resources, avoiding schedule overlaps, and dealing with customer complaints.

The Good news is these challenges can be eliminated with effective process automation and resource optimization. That’s where a leading platform solution like IFS Cloud for Service Management offering end-to-end capabilities in areas such as scheduling and forecasting, mobile, contracts and warranty, parts, project management, pricing and billing, reverse logistics and depot repair management, partnering with Gogh Solutions to guide you through the implementation and beyond.

Why Gogh Solutions?

Experience You Can Trust

As an IFS Authorized Strategic Partner, field service implementations are at the heart of our skillset. With our tried-and-tested knowledge and best practices in multiple industries, we can fine-tune the process according to your organization’s size and complexity, as well as the specific challenges of the implementation. Therefore, customers can access faster time-to-value and ultimately achieve their desired business outcomes from their field service application. Here are some of the ways Gogh Solutions can help you:

Expertise Combined
with Experience

Diverse Industries


Training and

Productivity Enhancing

Unleash the Full Potential of Your IFS Application

Our professional services are always tailored to fit the needs of clients and provide quick results. Through our years of experience and knowledge, we help customers maximize their application’s value and reach desired business goals.

Our Implementation Goals

  1. Meeting business objectives – Did the technology help you achieve your business KPI’s? This could be increasing sales, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, etc.
  2. User adoption – Did users embrace the new technology? This is important for ensuring that the benefits of the technology are realized.
  3. System performance – Is the system stable and performing as expected? This includes things like uptime, response times, etc.
  4. Return on investment – Was there a positive return on investment? This considers both the direct and indirect costs of the technology as well as the benefits it delivers.

Ensuring Success Post-Implementation

Transforming Field Service

To increase your productivity, profitability, and operational efficiency, you must implement the right business solution. Regarding outsourcing, it is just as important to partner with the right service provider to guide you and help you navigate the process. Our services at Gogh Solutions continue after the implementation process; we take it a step further with end-user training and application management services post-implementation.

Our post-implementation services are tailored to optimize an organization’s field service performance by assessing their people, process and technology. We can detect areas of inefficiencies and uncover ways to bring improvement. By utilizing our expertise, you can get the maximum value from your technology expenditure while adding extra worth to your organization.

Looking for an IFS implementation partner?

Together we can transform field service.