Service Solution Checklist:
What a Fully Functional Solution Should Provide

If your service organization is still relying on manual entry and processes, or your current service solution has gaps, it may be holding back your business. If that’s the case, what should a fully functional service solution provide?

Service Solution Checklist

Customers need to be the first priority for any business and this is even more true for service organizations. Having a solution that covers all of your bases, and can provide optimized service, is what can put customers in that number one spot.

Take a look at your current solution. Are you able to pinpoint:

  • Operational gaps and areas for improvement?
  • What your customers want and need?
  • KPIs and key data points to move your organization towards its goals?
  • Real-time information about resources and assets?

Does your current solution provide:

Solution Planning and Addressing Your Organization’s Pain Points

Most solutions don’t provide that much cross-functionality, and some that do aren’t properly configured to achieve full ROI. So, if you’ve gone through that checklist and still aren’t sure about the questions in the above section, here are some next steps to take that can help with planning.

  • Get a health check or operational review.
    • Not only is this a great way to start moving your business towards its short- and long-term goals, but it can help differentiate the most critical areas to address.
    • Gogh Solutions brings unparalleled depth of field service expertise and experience and can help you determine where you can most improve your solution.
  • Get advice, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to build a business case.
  • If you have some, but not all of the functionality you’re looking for, or are expanding your solution in phases, remember that you options.

How We Can Help

If you’re unsure of where to start, or need help or advice achieving a fully functional service solution that is optimized for your business, your employees and your customers, Gogh Solutions can help.

We have a long history of helping service organizations:

  • Maximize Solution ROI
  • Reduce Resolution Times
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction Rates
  • Increase User Adoption
  • Improve Daily Operations

Gogh Solution’s partner, IFS, offers technology that ticks all the boxes, and our in-depth service and business expertise helps ensure your solution delivers functionality in a way that meets your individual organization’s needs. Contact us today!

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