Service Management
for Service Industries

Service Management for Service Industries

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Streamline Your Field Service Operations with IFS and Gogh!

Your Consulting and Implementation Experts

Streamline Your Field Service Operations with IFS and Gogh!

Your Consulting and Implementation Experts

The service industry encompasses a wide range of businesses that provide services to customers, such as Insurance, Managed Services, Transportation and Logistics, Testing, Inspection and Certification and Property and Facilities. These businesses rely on field service management to dispatch technicians to customer sites for service and maintenance. Gogh Solutions can help you transition to a digital solution that reduces downtime, improves safety and compliance, and increases both customer satisfaction and profitability.

We use our in-depth knowledge of your industry, field service, and the IFS platform to streamline communication, coordination, and resource planning; so that your business can optimize tasks and processes, from equipment maintenance, repairs, and installations to customer response and work order management.

Accelerate Growth in Your Service Business

Insurance | Managed Services | Property & Facilities | Retail Aftermarket
Testing, Inspection & Certification | Transportation & Logistics

Managed Services
Property & Facilities
Retail Aftermarket
Testing, Inspection & Certification
Transportation & Logistics

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Harness the Power of IFS and Gogh Solutions

IFS is a leading field service software vendor that provides solutions for various industries, including service industries. We know that implementing IFS applications requires an investment in time, resources, and expertise, which is why it’s important to choose the right implementation partner. Gogh Solutions is that partner — an IFS Strategic Partner and leading implementation provider for IFS applications.

Our goal is to provide a solution that helps your organization succeed. To do that we leverage our knowledge of industry standards and customer service best practices — along with our understanding of your organization’s unique business drivers. Our consulting experience has taught us that no two clients are the same, so we pair insight with first-hand industry and operational expertise to deliver best-in-class solutions that really fit client needs.

  • Boost Customer Engagement
  • Gain Visibility
  • Improve Asset Utilization
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Control Profitability and Costs
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Win More Business
  • Plan for The Future

Industry Specific Knowledge Meets Field Service Expertise

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We help our partners increase their revenue, improve productivity, and provide greater visibility into their field operations in a way that makes sense for their business, their industry, and their customers.

Expertise and Experience

Streamline & Optimize

We have a team of highly experienced and certified IFS consultants who have successfully implemented IFS Cloud for Service Management for various industries. We have a deep understanding of IFS applications and can help businesses maximize the value of their investment.

Flexibility and Scalability


We provide flexible and scalable implementation services that can be tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of each business — they range from full-cycle implementation to project management, to support and maintenance.


Increase Revenue
& Cost Control

We follow a proven implementation methodology that enables a quality deployment of IFS applications. We use various project management methodologies and work closely with clients to ensure that implementation is completed within budget and on time.


Better Utilize

We follow a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that our implementations are of the highest quality. Our ongoing support and maintenance services mean that client IFS applications remain up-to-date and continue to meet the needs of their business.


Improve Customer

We have a customer-centric approach to implementation that puts the needs and requirements of the customer at the center of the process. We work closely with customers to understand their business processes and requirements, and then develop and implement solutions that meet those needs.

Unlock Your Full

Transform Workforce Productivity and Efficiency with Advanced Scheduling

Keeping your field workforce productive while providing a great customer experience has become increasingly challenging in today’s on-demand economy. With IFS’s real-time scheduling and optimization tool, your workforce will be more efficient, completing 28% more service jobs per day with artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms.

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