Application Management Services

Application Management Services

Get More From Your IFS Application Investment

Straightforward Approach to Improve Your Business

Drive Down Costs and Accelerate Value

As today’s large and diverse IT landscapes trend toward greater complexity, IT departments are struggling to keep pace, and costs are spiralling out of control. An estimated two out of three IT dollars are now spent maintaining existing technology. This is forcing IT executives to simultaneously control costs, reduce risk, improve returns, and respond to the ever-changing needs of the business. In addition, services must be delivered at the highest quality or else cost savings will never be realized. It is becoming increasingly clear that traditional approaches are not enough.

Free up your IT staff so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. With a flexible structure that tunes service delivery to your priorities, Gogh Solutions Application management services (AMS) can help you get more from your IFS application investments. Our straightforward approach focuses on helping you improve business results with continuous measurement to enable smart, efficient decisions that drive down costs, enhance and accelerate value.

Our application management advisory services include:

The PRO’S of AMS

Access to Gogh Solutions specialist IFS Service Management knowledge/expertise that you may not have in-house which means you don’t need to recruit and incur additional costs.

An AMS partner will handle the day-to-day tasks associated with application management and ensure your business processes aren’t disrupted so, your internal IT and application development team’s time is now free to focus on your business growth (e.g. working on new innovations).

Maintenance costs are reduced, application performance is enhanced, and productivity/efficiency can be maximized.

Risk of downtime can be minimized as platforms are more stable.

Your applications are evergreen and healthy which results in your employees benefiting from better user experience and their productivity being boosted.

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