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Service Management

Today, customer expectations are higher than ever before, and service organizations are expected to deliver successful outcomes while navigating an uncertain and unpredictable landscape. Customers expect exceptional, frictionless service for every interaction.

Integrating IFS FSM With
Popular CRM Software

While CRM is designed to manage the customer experience, a powerful field service management software package like IFS Field Service Management™ (IFS FSM) goes deeper into areas of software functionality that ensure customers can be served profitably and successfully in the field, including:

Business Value

You know that you can improve your business yet getting to the bottom of ‘which processes’ and ‘by how much’ is less straight forward. You want to know what savings or improvements can be expected, how much it might cost and how disruptive it might be.

IFS Gives Challengers the
Tools to Lead Without Compromise

When choosing a Service Management solution, you want an organization that offers both the capabilities and configurability to allow you to deliver upon your unique service mix without compromise.

IFS Offers the Power
of Remote Assistance

From better utilization of precious resources to reduced truck rolls and lower costs, not to mention a vastly improved customer experience, remote assistance delivers real value almost instantaneously. IFS Remote Assistance is a merged reality tool that will have an impressive, immediate impact on your business.

Facilities Management Insights:
Top 4 Ways to Optimize
Service Operations

Facilities Management (FM), also known as Facilities Services,represented a $1.25 Billion market in 2021; and despite a downturn in 2020 due to COVID-19, the global market will grow at a 5-year combined annual growth rate of 5%, reaching $1.76 Billion by 2028.

Don’t be Held Back by
Your Service Software

Exceptional service stems from a desire to not just lower costs, but deliver experiences meant to retain, serve, and attract new customers. With more organizations looking towards technology to help deliver on those goals, it’s important to remember that not all software companies offer the same level of excellence.

Service Management
Buyer's Guide

The days of localized, disparate support have in many instances been superseded by a coherent, connected strategy, and even within those small support offerings, the options and expectations for how service would be scheduled, how parts would be allocated, and how service itself is delivered has only grown more complex.

IFS Planning and Scheduling

After-sales service and maintenance have become critical components in many organizations’ offerings to their customers. In an increasingly commoditized world, it is often a key differentiator. Sometimes, it is the only way to set yourself apart from your competitors.