Change Management

Change Management

6X More Likely to Met or Exceed Project Objectives

Mitigate Risks with Effective Change Management

Your Change Management Partner

Mitigate Risks with Effective Change Management

Your Change Management Partner

Organizations are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers, employees, and shareholders. Change management is a crucial business process that helps ensure the successful implementation of technologies, processes and procedures.

Our experts can help mitigate risks ensuring that changes are made in a controlled and safe manner, minimizing disruptions, and maximizing the chances of success. We understand the importance of informing employees of changes to understand the reasons behind them and how they will be affected. Making sure there is buy-in from all levels of the organization, from the top down, is essential for a successful change initiative.

Our Organizational Change Management (OCM) Approach

Change management activities are integrated into the project management lifecycle from Blueprint Design to Production Support of the IFS Cloud solution implementation. Tight integration of program management and change management is essential to identifying and managing risks, and project success.


Create a strategic change management plan and timeline.


Execute role-to-position mapping.


Communication with leaders, stakeholders and end-users.


Create a tailored, scalable training program.


Develop knowledge transfer approach.

The Benefits of Gogh Solutions' Change Management Approach

Our Key Areas of Focus

Our approach to Change Management is an adaptable framework geared toward effectively dealing with the introduction of new technologies, processes, or organizational structures into an enterprise.

The biggest goal of Change Management is to minimize the impact of change on an organization while maximizing the benefit of that change. To do this, we use a variety of tools and techniques designed to help organizations plan, implement, and monitor changes.

Industry Specific
Knowledge Meets
Change Management

There are numerous benefits to using Gogh Solutions’ change management experts when implementing a new technology or process. Perhaps the most important benefit is that our experts can help ensure successful adoption of the new technology or process. They can do this by helping to create a detailed plan for the implementation, developing training and communication materials, and working with stakeholders to ensure buy-in and support. In doing the steps listed above some of the benefits of change management include:

Reduced Downtime
and Disruptions




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