Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Taking Field Service Consulting to the Next Level

Field Service Management Consulting

Consulting Services Redefined

Field Service Management Consulting

Consulting Services Redefined

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing field service operations can be a daunting task. From scheduling appointments to tracking inventory and dispatching technicians, it requires a high level of organization and coordination. That’s where Gogh Solutions and our consulting experts come in – we provide businesses with expert guidance and support to optimize their field service management processes.

With our exceptional consulting services, we can help you unlock the full potential of IFS as a field service solution for your organization. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges in order to provide customized recommendations that align with your business goals. We’ll provide insightful guidance on how IFS can streamline your field service operations, maximize efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Using Gogh's Consulting Experts

As a trusted partner to some of the largest and most diverse field workforces in North America, Gogh Solutions’ field service consulting team has decades of hands-on experience in operations and support. You can trust us as an IFS partner who is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about why adopting this powerful technology is essential for taking your organization’s field service capabilities to the next level.

Each of our field service experts has extensive experience working in a wide range of industries and has a deep understanding of each client’s operating environment, language, and pressures. Having worked in field service environments in utilities, telecommunications, home services, and energy sectors, our consultants have real hands-on operational experience.

In addition to Gogh Solutions’ proven collaborative approach, our specific skills, practical experience, and high level of expertise, all enable us to work with our clients to mitigate business and technology transformation risks as well as accelerate time-to-value.

Top-Notch Consulting Services at any Stage of Your Transformation

To make change a reality, Gogh Solutions partners with clients to understand their transformation objectives, working across people, processes and technology. Gogh’s consulting services are designed to help clients achieve measurable benefits at any point in their transformation process, whether it is implementing IFS Service Management, optimizing an existing IFS solution, or overcoming specific business or technology challenges.

Implementation of IFS Service Management

For clients seeking to implement a field service solution for the first time or replace an existing system.

Integrations or Technology Change

Clients undergoing change, whether it’s adding or upgrading a new product, increasing their solution footprint, or changing their organizational structure.

Need to Unlock the Full Potential of IFS

We can help! For clients who already have IFS field service solution in place and want to maximize its value.


To deliver excellence in field service by optimizing organizational design and business processes.

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Together we can transform field service.