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Let Us Help You Calculate What an End-to-End FSM Solution
Would Mean for Your Business

Finding the best possible technology solutions to solve our clients’ FSM problems is always one of our main goals—but we realize that journey can’t begin without solid data to justify the investment it will take.

It often comes down to ROI when our clients are deciding where to start, or even whether or not they can move forward. While we specialize in creating FSM solutions that deliver maximum value within our clients’ budgets, calculating the potential ROI is helpful when you need to know what to expect.

To get you started, we have some questions and tools for finding your organization’s potential ROI from one of our end-to-end FSM solutions.

Start with the basics:

  • How much time and effort will be required in the actual transition from your current system?
    • What is the size of your organization?
    • How big a change will this be for your employees and how many employees will be impacted?
    • How complicated is your current FSM system and how much integration will be involved?
  • What is the timeline you can afford for implementation, training, tuning, etc.; before generating cash flow?
  • When will break even on the investment be attained?

Field Technicians Potential Savings

Your field technicians’ productivity, first-time fix rates, time spent on-site, safety; and time, fuel, and mileage spent on the road—as well as a number of other issues—are all impacted by the FSM system your organization is using.

Our ROI calculator illustrates your organization’s potential savings with IFS technology and our end-to-end solutions—showing your individual organization’s results based on the increase in tasks completed and reduction in overtime needed.

Your organization can also expect to benefit from:

  • Improved visibility into your technicians’ day and better metrics
  • Real-time information access in the field
  • Automated and optimized tasks and reporting
  • Technicians having the ability to do more for customers on-site

Dispatcher Potential Savings

Your dispatchers’ ability to provide optimized schedules, manage emergencies and high priority work, assist customers with their needs, and handle technicians’ individual schedules and demands—just to name a few of their daily concerns—are also all impacted by the FSM system your organization is using.

This ROI calculator was created with dispatchers in mind, to show what your organization’s potential savings with IFS technology and our end-to-end solutions can be—due to the increase in technicians per dispatcher and reduction in overtime spend.

Your organization can also expect to benefit from:

  • Automatically optimized and continuously updated schedules based on real-time data
  • Faster response times and communication
  • Better customer service and improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved availability and flexibility for appointment booking

If you need help reviewing your organization’s operations for areas where you can maximize benefits or improve, or would like our assistance putting together a business case for your FSM solution, we’re happy to help.

Let's transform your organization together.