What's Your Potential ROI With an FSM Solution

Find Out Your Potential Field Techician Savings!

When an organization makes a technology investment decision in a field service management solution, finding out what the ROI encompasses is the first question. This must be the factor that determines whether to move forward or not.

We all know the lifeblood of any organization is dollars. When a field service management solution has been selected for possible implementation, an organization must consider three key questions:

  • What is the timeline we can afford for implementation, training, tuning, etc., before generating cash flow?
  • When will break even on the investment be attained?
  • How much time and effort will be required in the actual transition from our current system?

Optimizing Gains

Where does this specific organization seek change? For example, an optimized schedule might provide benefits to an operation, in terms of:

  • Technicians – An optimized schedule increases productivity, ensures the correct technicians are scheduled, creates fuel savings, and lowers mileage.
  • Customer Satisfaction- It aids in narrowing time frames which a technician can expect to arrive on-site, and provides greater availability/flexibility to the customer for appointment booking.
  • Real-Time Visibility – Provides the ability to handle exceptions, react faster and provides instant communication in the field.

Field Technicians Potential Savings

Dispatcher Potential Savings

Implementing IFS FSM Solutions can increase the number of Technicians per Dispatcher and reduce Overtime spend.

Follow the Change

In order to achieve that more realistic number, an organization can estimate specific areas of their business where they desire increased productivity. However, without knowing where to look, this can lead to additional problems. Depending on an organization’s specific and unique goals, determining which areas take priority, and which numbers should be taken into consideration and how, affects the calculation.

Keep it Accurate to Find Success

When asking those initial questions, accuracy and attainability of objectives is of the utmost importance. When an organization establishes a realistic ROI, gains from an FSM solution can revolutionize the way an organization does business. To keep it accurate and to ensure a favorable ROI, seeking out help from experts ensures a much quicker return on your software investment.