Knowing Your Options: IFS FSM to Salesforce Integration

In the Field Service space, many organizations use different solutions to address different components of their operations. But different solutions create challenges, and merging these solutions to eliminate areas of inefficiency is a good way to continually improve operations. With that goal in mind—what options do organizations have to integrate different solutions?

It’s No Longer All or Nothing

Often, different solutions don’t play well together. Integration can be difficult.

But yet organizations often end up with multiple solutions because each has a particular strength. Best of breed has its advantages.

Gogh Solutions was recently asked to help integrate the IFS PSO Best-of-Breed optimizing solution with Salesforce. Our innovative work to bring these two different solutions together opens up new possibilities for organizations that want to integrate their disparate solutions. 

What Does this Specific Integration Do?

The SF/IFS integration method that Gogh has created and that we call Gogh Connect, allows for fluid information transfer between the two systems bidirectionally—where details from a record created in one system may be transferred, edited, and sent back around into the other system.

  • With these two environments communicating seamlessly with one another, records in IFS and Salesforce can update one another based on changes made in either system.
  • Helping to manage and automate resourcing complexities and meeting customer demands
  • Optimization = the Right Resource <-> at the Right Time <-> for the Right job <-> with the Right Parts/Tools



For organizations who have instances of both SF and IFS serving different purposes, this is a powerful integration solution that eliminates data silos and provides for real integration.

 Knowing Your Options

Organizations who are looking to expand their current solutions and feel anchored to a certain product now have choices. No longer are you stuck with siloed solutions that don’t talk to each other. You can pick the very best solutions, the best of breed, and still leverage fully integrated business processes.

If this approach sounds right for you and you need to integrate your solution components, we have a real-time demo that showcases this solution in more detail. Contact us for a demo, operational review, help, or advice to find the solution that best fits your organization’s needs.