Highlights and Top Takeaways from IFS Unleashed


Gogh Solutions attended this year’s IFS Unleashed, an event which focuses on connecting IFS users and providing IFS technology insights. The conference took place from October 10th to 14th, in Miami, Florida.

The event in general was high-energy and upbeat, featured a number of interesting speakers, and offered technical information for clients across a number of industries. Our event highlights and our top takeaways are below, but feel free to follow the link above for more information from the official event website.

IFS Unleashed Highlights and Top Takeaways

  1. IFS Cloud

Where IFS has offered application-based technology in the past, their newest innovation is IFS Cloud. This is a platform solution that brings together different aspects of a solution, like ERP, CRM, asset management, and field service. IFS has always been big on offering their customers choice, and this is another great option from them for field service organizations.

  1. IFS and Field Service

IFS has entered its 6th consecutive year as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for Field Service Management. There was a wide variety of industry breakout sessions and information dedicated to IFS field service management.

  1. Speakers

While speakers this year included everyone from IFS CEO, Darren Roos, to 23-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, we were so busy connecting with clients and partners it didn’t leave us much time to attend many speaker sessions. If you missed out like we did, you can watch some of the sessions on demand, on the event website.

  1. IoT Innovations

One interesting session centered around the increase in interconnectivity, smart automations, and rapid changes to technology, which has led to Industry 4.0 or The Fourth Industrial Revolution. To put this into perspective for our clients, this is referencing things like the increased need they’ve seen for IoT and mobile capabilities, in order to remain competitive and better serve customers.

The session showcased products and solutions that demonstrated how IoT unleashes new operational value from IFS technology.

  1. Training and Learning Opportunities

In addition to the usual information sessions, in-depth technology training was offered this year. It meant a few of our team was able to get some new insight, and gave IFS users the opportunity to gain skills.

Final Thoughts

After attending their kick-off earlier this year, it was great to have the opportunity to meet with both clients and partners in-person, and hear directly from IFS users across a number of verticals, particularly those involved with field service.

If you’re looking for a field service solution and are interested in learning more about which IFS solution might be right for you, or would like to catch up with us after attending IFS Unleashed, contact us.