The Future of Field Service and Your Organization: A Gogh Guide for Getting Ahead 

Back in April, we published a blog about The Future of Field Service and The Future of Gogh: What’s Important. However, for many organizations this year has been difficult, and thinking of the future often isn’t a priority when you need to focus on staying operational. Even for those organizations who aren’t struggling, having a big picture view when it comes to the Future of Field Service can seem obscure. Where do you begin? 

By understanding more about what is happening in Field Service (FS) and Field Service Management (FSM), and why; what’s important, and where FSM is headed. This is the best way for organizations to take stock of where they are in terms of both their short and long-term sustainabilitythe best way to not only remain operational, but improve their organization’s overall outlook. 

Get Informed 

The Future of Field Service: A Gogh Guide for Future-Proofing Your FSM Organization covers all of those bases. It’s an in-depth eBook aimed at helping FSM organizations find stability and make better informed decisions about their future. The guide covers:  

  • Factors that have both historically and will continue to influence the rate of change in Field Service Management.  
  • Current expectations for Field Service Management organizations.  
  • Where Field Service Management is heading 
  • How an organization can adapt and overcome the challenges of a technological transformation, bridge gaps, and better future-proof their business. 

Moving Forward 

There’s help out there. As you look ahead to next year, think about taking steps to future-proof your organization. This is a Gogh Guide for giving you a solid foundation when it comes to moving forward and thinking ahead. 

  • Do you have the right perspective? 
  • What are customers looking for? 
  • Why exactly is FSM changing?
  • Is your FSM solution covering all of your bases? 
  • Where are industry standards heading? 
  • What can you do to get started? 

It’s a practical and accessible walkthrough of the major points that are impacting the future of FSM; and will help make sense of where your organization stands in terms of future-readiness, as well as cover the next steps in finding a solution. 

future of field service

Being strategic is just as important as making an investment in your organization’s future—if you have questions, need advice, or want to discuss the future of your businesswe’re here to help. 

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